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0001841USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2016-02-09 15:042016-02-12 03:33
Assigned ToMistyRonin 
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Summary0001841: 1PN93-1 scope's sighting makes no sense
DescriptionThe 1PN93-1 scope's markings are similar to that of a PSO, yet I was unable to figure out how to reliably shoot at targets beyond 300 meters. The three chevrons don't seem to be set to any particular range. I can't adjust the sighting using page up/down, so I'm completely stumped as to how this scope is supposed to work. Either this is a bug, or this scope needs some documentation. I apologize if it's not a bug and I'm just incompetent.
Steps To Reproduce1) Attach the 1PN93-1 scope to an AK-74M or SVD or any other rifle.
2) Try to shoot at targets at 300-400-500-600 meters.
3) Notice that the scope's markings don't seem to mean anything.
TagsNo tags attached.
Is it a wish/request?No
RHS version
Arma 3 version1.54
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?Yes
Which mods?CBA and RHS USAF
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7ftnick (reporter)
2016-02-09 19:50

The 1PN93-1 is only for AK and similar rifles not for SVD not for PK.

It is pretty straight forward the meters are what it sais on the left.
First triangle is supposed to be 400m perhaps, it is a bit offset (I would say it is 250-300m), the second however is 600m, third triangle 800m (I did not check it for 800, but it is beyond reasonable distance for AK74 and similar in arma 3)
Shock (reporter)
2016-02-10 13:26

So you're telling me it's just a near-useless sight then? Why would anyone design a scope for the AK that has ranges up to 800 meters?
Michalm1393 (viewer)
2016-02-10 17:52

Nothing about ranges, but there are versions for PKM, SVD, etc as well, it would be nice to see them in mod :
http://gunrf.ru/rg_pricel_Magnus_eng.html [^]
redux (reporter)
2016-02-10 18:22
edited on: 2016-02-10 18:46

This reticle from 1PN93-4.
His hunting version: http://armyman.info/amuniciya/pricely-i-pricelnye-prisposobleniya/29359-pn6k-4-pricel-nochnoy.html [^]

http://spetsnaz.su/gallery/picture.php?/2050/categories [^]

redux (reporter)
2016-02-10 18:24
edited on: 2016-02-11 11:17

Reticle for 1PN93-1 looks like this:
http://popgun.ru/files/g/10/orig/1421943.jpg [^]
http://popgun.ru/files/g/10/orig/1421949.jpg [^]

Or this:
http://guns.allzip.org/topic/256/1533850.html [^]
http://guns.allzip.org/topic/204/1243027.html [^]

In addition: http://forum.guns.ru/forummessage/209/1698156.html [^]

7ftnick (reporter)
2016-02-11 09:34

@Shock Well, the ACOG sight also has a reticle for up to 800m. It starts from 400m as well (reason probably because supersonic bullet flies pretty straight for the first 300-400m). It is no doubt better than 1pn93. But it is what it is.
Shock (reporter)
2016-02-11 15:55

@7ftnick The ACOG does not start at 400m at all. As this (http://stevespages.com/pdf/trijicon_ta-338-3x30.pdf [^]) document shows on p. 18, it goes from 100 to 600m.

Either way, that's off topic. If the sight works like it's supposed to work irl, then this ticket can be closed.
MistyRonin (administrator)
2016-02-12 03:33

This issue makes no sense. You are free to not use the 1PN93-1 scope.

Closing it before it turns into a non nonsensical argument.

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