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0000134USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-01-10 21:222015-07-26 16:34
Assigned ToMistyRonin 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.3.5 
Target Version0.4Fixed in Version0.3.8 
Summary0000134: ACRE2 and vehicle audio attenuation
DescriptionACRE2 uses vehicle config settings to determine the volume of local speech and if can be heard inside and outside of vehicles, for ACRE2 to be supported this requires appropriate config values.

The level of local speech volume attenuation is all dependant on the insideSoundCoef property of the vehicle.
Steps To Reproduce- Use RHS 3.5 and load CBA+RHS+ACRE2 with a buddy as well
- Spawn some humvees with the armed variants (M2/Mk19) variants. Hop inside with your buddy notice you can hear each other fine, now if one of you leaves you are both unable to hear each other unless you use the radio.
- Spawn some statics (m2/mk19 etc.) and have one of you hop on them and you will notice it lowers the volume you can hear from each other.
Additional InformationThe Chinooks and blackhawks seem to work 100% fine with this as they have a low attenuation property.
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related to 0000881resolvedSoul_Assassin ACRE2 vehicle attention value for rhsusf_m998_w_2dr and rhsusf_m998_w_2dr_halftop 

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MistyRonin (administrator)
2015-01-11 01:22

We will look into this.
jaynus (reporter)
2015-02-10 18:27

This is due to the insideSoundCoef values being incorrect. This is a vanilla sound setting that we use to determine vehicle position volumes.

This affects in-game sounds as well as ACRE, as you cannot hear outside engines or explosions from inside HMMV's either.
MistyRonin (administrator)
2015-03-01 04:20

Is it solved in 0.3.6?
Snippers (reporter)
2015-03-01 20:34

Just tested it with the humvees again, still not solved.
MistyRonin (administrator)
2015-03-02 13:06

Sparfell_19 (reporter)
2015-03-23 18:42
edited on: 2015-04-18 20:57

I just quickly made a patch for my community.
Here is the content :
http://pastebin.com/drNY6Nsn [^]
I didn't test for M113 and BTRs yet, the other vehicles are OK, could certainly be adjusted more perfectly.
I hope you can integrate it in the next update, I saw you kinf of made your own attenutation system but I didn't know how to adapt it for ACRE.

jaynus (reporter)
2015-03-24 17:12

The above patch is definitely correct, and these values should be applied to all vehicles and released asap
BullHorn (reporter)
2015-05-04 12:16

Bump for urgency/visibility. This isn't just an ACRE2 bug obviously as the code is in RHS, it also affects TFAR and ACRE1.
Soul_Assassin (administrator)
2015-05-15 01:47

Thanks for the values. Added in next version.

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