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Summary0006699: rhs_weap_pya and rhs_weap_pp2000 muzzle velocities
DescriptionPP-2000 (barrel length 13.9cm) and MP-443 (barrel length 11.25cm) use same ammunitions 9x19 7N21 and 7N31.

According to the 6П35 russian manual :
http://zonwar.ru/images/spesial_podgotovka/Pya/6P35.pdf#page=6 [^]
rhs_weap_pya and rhs_mag_9x19_17 initSpeed are correct (-1, 465m/s).

According to Kalashnikov article :
https://www.kalashnikov.ru/medialibrary/d4b/58_66.pdf#page=9 [^]
PP-2000 has a V10 = 450m/s, so 450m/s at 10 meters.
With the 7N21 values from thefirearmblog.com article :
https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/02/28/modern-personal-defense-weapon-calibers-010-9x19mm-9x21mm-russian-special-ap/ [^]
i find a V0 = 470m/s with the ballistic software Strelok Pro (ICAO conditions).

The rhs_weap_pp2000 initSpeed should be -1.01075 (470/465), not -0.97825998.

About the 7N31 and from thefirearmblog.com article, with the same barrel (4.1"=10.41cm), the 7N31 MV is 1.3x the 7N21 MV (1970ft/s / 1510ft/s = 1.3).

The rhs_mag_9x19_7n31_17, rhs_mag_9x19_7n31_20 and rhs_mag_9x19_7n31_44 initSpeed should be 465x1.3= 605m/s, not 460.

The new rhs_weap_pp2000 MV with the rhs_mag_9x19_7n31_20 and rhs_mag_9x19_7n31_44 will be 605x1.01075= 611m/s (= PP-2000 MV 470m/s x 1.3).

Values more coherent with this russian article as reference:
http://oruzheika.blogspot.com/2013/10/patrony-9x19-i-9x21-v-rossii.html [^]

If new values, probably that rhs_B_9x19_7N21 and rhs_B_9x19_7N31 hit, typicalSpeed, caliber and airFriction will need to be updated.

Sorry for the long description.
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