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0006646USAFGeneralpublic2022-03-24 20:062022-03-28 19:50
Assigned Toreyhard 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.5.7 
Summary0006646: AGM-114 missile names are displayed incorrectly.
DescriptionThe problem concerns the displayed name of the AGM-114 missiles.
When you attach the AGM-114M or N missiles to the AH-64D pylons, an error appears in the name of the missiles on the Arma HUD where the name of the currently selected weapon is displayed (upper right corner window). Each of these missiles can operate in LOBL, LOAL DIR, LOAL-LO and LOAL-HI modes. By switching (by default under F) the missile launch modes, you will notice that the first 2 modes (LOBL and LOAL DIR) are displayed normally, but the next 2 (LOAL-LO and LOAL-HI) change the missile name from AGM-114M / N to AGM-114K, even if we do not have AGM-114K missiles currently installed.

For example:
If we have AGM-114K missiles on one pylon and AGM-114M missiles on the other, switching between rocket modes is as follows:
• ...
• AGM-114K Hellfire II LOBL (LG)
• AGM-114K Hellfire II LOAL-DIR (LG)
• AGM-114K Hellfire II LOAL-LO (LG)
• AGM-114K Hellfire II LOAL-HI (LG)
• AGM-114M Hellfire II LOBL (LG HE)
• AGM-114M Hellfire II LOAL-DIR (LG HE)
• AGM-114K Hellfire II LOAL-LO (LG HE)
• AGM-114K Hellfire II LOAL-HI (LG HE)
• M230 (BURST: 10)
• ...

As you can see, the last 2 missile firing modes are displayed as AGM-114K, and should be displayed as AGM-114M, as they are related to AGM-114M. You can even see the note "HE" which states that the 114M will be fired, not the 114K. After launching a rocket 114M / N, when displayed as 114K, it fires normally 114M / N. The error only affects the display name.
Steps To Reproduce1. As zeus, create AH-64D.
2. Edit the helicopter pylons, mount the AGM-114K / M / N missiles, except for the AGM-114L (these are working properly).
3. Enter the helicopter as Co-Pilot / Gunner and keep switching the next weapon (F key by default)
4. You will notice that even if you did not take the AGM-114K missiles on the helicopter, the LOAL-LO and LOAL-HI modes in the 114M / N missiles are displayed as AGM-114K. If you took the AGM-114M / N and additionally the AGM-114K, the modes in 114K will be displayed normally, but LO and HI in other missiles will have a name error.
Additional InformationThe problem does not occur with the AGM-114L missiles, as they can only be fired in LOBL and LOAL-DIR modes (these modes are always correctly shown in all missiles) and in the AGM-114K missiles, which are displayed normally.

"WYŁ." with LSR selected means "OFF", I just play in Polish.
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RHS versionStable
Arma 3 version2.08
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?Yes
Which mods?Lots of other mods.
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