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0006055AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-12-09 11:372021-01-12 18:34
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Summary0006055: Russian vests armor level
Description6B45 and 6B43 have 6 armor level while actually 6B45 has 5A and 6B43 has 6A level.
There are 2 types of armor plates. 6B45 can be equpied by 6A plate in 6B45-1 complect. There are no plates of 5 or 6 level for this vests.

6B13 still has

class Abdomen {
hitpointName = "HitAbdomen";
armor = ARMOR_GOST_4;
passThrough = PASS_GOST_4;
simulation = SIM_GOST_4;

I reported about this in http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=5954 [^]
It has only one plate on front part and it has 6A level (включая бронебойно-зажигательные Б-32 снайперской винтовки Драгунова с дистанции 100 м, обеспечивая IV уровень защиты по классификации МО РФ)
Additional Informationhttps://pp.userapi.com/zM4XdrNN8ABrC03RKs1brgu3CTjygbol396uxA/0W0MgRdJfPE.jpg [^]
http://www.bnti.ru/des.asp?itm=6690&tbl=08.02.01. [^]
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RHS versionDevelopment
Arma 3 version2.00
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
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nevalashkarus (reporter)
2020-12-16 21:55
edited on: 2020-12-16 22:01

Hello, i have a few questions about armor config for vest.
1) What's the point of simulation for vests? You have it for AFRF vests but not for any other.
2) What is dependency between class Body passThrough & armor parameters and real vest's specifications?
Sometimes body passThrough is the same as chest passThrough (iotv,6b43), sometimes lower at 1 level (6b13,6b23), sometimes very low (1st level against 5th for 6b5).
Almost all vests dont have armor for body class, but 6b5 has armor = ARMOR_GOST_1.

Sorry for being annoying, I just want to make better compatibility of my own modpack.

nevalashkarus (reporter)
2021-01-12 18:30
edited on: 2021-01-12 18:34

Some self-maded tests of RHS bullet-vest penetration with ACE3 enabled.

1) Didn't find vest with real 3-rd armor class (6B3 and PBB M-98 have 3-rd class in description but 4-th in config) so i configurated it by myself:

class HitpointsProtectionInfo
    class Chest
        hitpointName = "HitChest";
        armor = 16;
        passThrough = 0.3;
    class Diaphragm
        hitpointName = "HitDiaphragm";
        armor = 16;
        passThrough = 0.3;
    class Abdomen
        hitpointName = "HitAbdomen";
        armor = 16;
        passThrough = 0.3;
    class Body
        hitpointName = "HitBody";
        passThrough = 0.5;//

3-rd class must hold 7N6 and 57-N-231 at the 5-10 m distance, but didnt do it ingame. Vest was penetrated by both bullets

2) 4-th armor class (6B23, armor = 22) must hold 7N10 at the 5-10 m distance, but didnt do it and dont hold 7N6. It can hold 57-N-231 and 57-N-231(89), but second variant is the feature of 5th class, so it mustn't hold 57-N-231(89).

3) 5-th armor class (6B5, armor = 25 with body armor = 8???) hold M82 API while it must hold 57-N-231(89).

4) 6-th armor class (6B13, 6B45, armor = 28) must hold 7N13 at the 5-10 m distance, but dont do it for 7N14 either 7N1.

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