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0005824USAFGeneralpublic2020-08-12 14:212020-08-12 14:28
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Summary0005824: Recoil comparison of some guns
Descriptionversion 0.5.2 . 2020/08/12

* first of all. i did not experience any of real guns except of K1 and K2 5.56,
never shoot other guns except them, i'm just talking about balance thing.
not a real thing.

Sa vz 58 7.62 almost have same recoil with AK 7.62 series even with higher RPM.
Compared to AK 104, it has similar recoil pattern radius.

G36 has more recoil than other 5.56 ARs, (M4A1, M21A. M21A feels much less recoil because of its slower RPM.)

M240 7.62's recoil is almost similar with M249 5.56.
compared to PKP, M240 has much less recoil.

SOCOM 16 7.62 DMR have much less recoil than other 7.62 DMR rifles
( and i guess SOCOM has higher RPM than other DMRs. even that has less recoil)
such as MK17, SCAR H.

SVD 7.62 has much more recoil compared to M76 7.92, L1A

Steps To Reproducecheck the video *
AK 104 https://youtu.be/wkJ0RF9X7kE [^]
Sa Vz 58 https://youtu.be/1xzScu5E5yM [^]
G36 https://youtu.be/mjPwTyQjgKI [^]
M21A https://youtu.be/dLpdRQwzGBQ [^]
M4A1 https://youtu.be/G5vePcMnn4M [^]
SOCOM 16 https://youtu.be/G0jkT8r3wJc [^]
MK16 https://youtu.be/9Pm-9ulSKas [^]
LA1 https://youtu.be/rT4KKztet8o [^]
M76 https://youtu.be/CiwtctsAWSA [^]
SVD https://youtu.be/oEz_GOHiP_8 [^]
PKP https://youtu.be/m9-S6WHqpAA [^]
M249 https://youtu.be/VLHo06rAsBI [^]
M240 https://youtu.be/LWrnZgrqLNE [^]
Additional Informationmy Katiba recoil https://youtu.be/KNG0tSUg1iw [^]

profiling build. 2020/08/12.
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RHS versionStable
Arma 3 version1.98
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
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