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0005116AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-06-28 11:212019-07-15 10:20
Assigned Toreyhard 
PrioritynoneSeveritytweakReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.4.9 
Summary0005116: Вертолеты рф
DescriptionУровней радары в плане обнаружения излучения у РФ и США хотя бы более новые. У США пзрк только достал а вертолет уже видит засветился на радаре.в отличие от вертолетов РФ где видно только летящую ракету
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Is it a wish/request?Yes
RHS versionStable
Arma 3 version1.90
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
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reyhard (administrator)
2019-06-28 13:13

M6 Linebacker doesn't use radar so it doesn't trigger radar warning receiver unless you are talking about something different?
Skif.hia3 (reporter)
2019-06-28 21:17

У вертолетов США есть обнаружение лока пзрк до момента пуска на ка 60 его нет.
reyhard (administrator)
2019-06-28 22:12

Like radar or Infrared Guided missiles?
Skif.hia3 (reporter)
2019-06-29 14:50

Радар. У юа-1 и ка-60 должны быть одинаковые. Радар ка60 видит только выпуск ракеты. Юа видят что в тебя целятся и отображает желтый круг и полосу от него до выпуска ракеты
7ftnick (reporter)
2019-07-01 00:59
edited on: 2019-07-01 01:03

@reyhard Basicaly to understand what he is taking about do the following:

1) Place a UH-1Y helo with AI in the air
2) Place yourself as an OPFOR soldier with the IGLA
3) Launch game, take IGLA in hands, point at the helo, but dont shoot
4) See he starts popping flares

How does he know I am pointing an IGLA at him ?

It is confusing because he named the ticket RF Helicopters but the problem seems to be just with the UH-1 helicopter

reyhard (administrator)
2019-07-01 09:00

well, not exactly, Ka-60 is missing RWR right now while in real life it even has some sort of radar mounted. It's mostly due to inheritance to vanilla Po-30 helicopter.

Nevertheless, I will take a look at both Ka-60 & UH-1
AirShark (reporter)
2019-07-04 14:25

"How does he know I am pointing an IGLA at him ?"
same here and for every AA weapon, in fact, it happens for airplanes too I tested it with Mig-29 and he starts popping flares everywhere I wait till he runs empty on flares than I took him down... possibly with vanilla vehicles too
reyhard (administrator)
2019-07-04 14:47

Radar guided missiles can be detected by Radar Warning Receiver so that's normal. @7ftnick - I couldn't reproduce Igla locking issue with UH-1Y. On my end, AI didn't launched flares until I launched missile
7ftnick (reporter)
2019-07-06 05:48

Are we on the same build ? I am on stable Arma 1.90 and stable RHS v0.4.8
reyhard (administrator)
2019-07-06 12:32

Then probably UH-1Y is not an issue anymore in 0.4.9 so ticket in original form is correct ;)

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