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0004674AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-10-09 14:102018-11-30 09:46
Assigned Toreyhard 
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Summary0004674: BMP-3 tube launched missile ATGM 9M117M1 is weak and inaccurate
DescriptionThe ATGM 9M117M1 of the BMP-3 takes two shots to destroy the Strider armored car.
The standard APCs take 5 and more. tl;dr it's useless.

Also, the ATGM is inaccurate when fired while BMP is in water. It flies above the aimed point.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get in BMP-3
2. Shoot at stuff, measure the damage.
3. Drive into water so the BMP is floating
4. Shoot at stuff, the missile will fly higher.
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Is it a wish/request?No
RHS version
Arma 3 version1.84
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
Which mods?
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reyhard (administrator)
2018-10-09 15:14

Have you tried firing at RHS vehicles? I can destroy other BMPs & M2 Bradleys even with single missile
ayy80 (reporter)
2018-10-09 16:32

rhsgref_cdf_b_btr70 also isn't much affected by the 9M117M1 missile. Would giving the missile a base damage value equal to the vanilla RPG-32 AT rocket be at all possible?
reyhard (administrator)
2018-10-10 09:01

for me that missile pretty much kill everybody inside - could you check if it kills crew? There is not that much to explode inside Strider or BTR so chance for huge explosion are rather low.
ayy80 (reporter)
2018-10-13 22:46

The missile itself contains enough explosives in its shaped charge warhead for a reasonably large explosion. IRL video footage of ATGM hits on light vehicles and the thinner APCs show them being torn apart.

To sum my complaints up: The damages vs. vanilla vehicles and lighter RHS vehicles should be looked at and improved. Trucks losing only their tires from an ATGM hit does look a bit silly.
reyhard (administrator)
2018-10-14 09:17

I can agree with trucks but with APCs it's not always the case. While explosion might look strong the whole shell of vehicle might remain intact, especially in case of MRAPs, which are designed to deal with explosions from all most all sides (except top - it also vary on particularly vehicle design). Is there some specific truck you are talking about?

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