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0004367USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-15 17:262018-12-16 02:31
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Summary0004367: Crews in US armored vehicles lack compasses
DescriptionIt goes for all drivers, commanders and loaders in Abrams, Gunners and Drivers in M113 and Gunners, Drivers and Commanders in Bradley vehicles.

There's no direction indicator in those vehicles, and since the player is "looking through the sight" at all times, becouse there are no interiors, he is unable to use the compass (Besides Bradley and M113 Driver, in which its just broken even though they have the interiors) Thanks to that, only way to know which way you're headed is either using 3rd person camera, or giving a GPS to every crewman. With the former being frowned upon in realism units, and latter in pre-2000's scenarios (Desert Storm, Cold War, etc. Possible when you combine RHS with Delta Hawk's Uniforms and Gustavo's M16s. Looks amazing.)

If russian tanks can have direction indicators then surely, americans can have them too. Especially since there are no interiors and aditional viewports, so spacial awarness is really lacking.

You could use something like what gunner has in his Abrams sight but its not ideal, as it lacks the exact direction prompt, or even the scale being numbered on his compass, making it a tad slower to translate "Gunner, Fire 120" into aiming where they want you to. Those few precious seconds that divide living and a burning wreck.

What should always be known is the direction the hull is facing (for the driver) direction the gun if facing (for gunner), the direction the periscope/machine gun) is facing (for commander) and the corelation between those three for all of them. Just like in eg. T72. If you did it right once, you can do it right a second time, right? Becouse what it creates is giving russians an artificial edge that they shouldnt have.

It doesnt have to be realistic, it just has to be working. Becosue we need it even more than the real tank crews. Becouse we see less and feel nothing (like the hull/turret turning) Make it an UI element or whatever, as long as it exists.
Steps To Reproduce1. Turn on Arma 3 with RHS
2. Get into Virtual Arsenal, Editor or a Mission
3. Get into an American armored Vehicle (M113, Bradley, Abrams)
4. Try guessing which direction you're facing
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Arma 3 version1.84
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
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Liquid (reporter)
2018-08-15 22:39

This is BIS design. They delete compass from vehicles in Jets DLC.

USarmy can use GPS by legend
luckyspoon (reporter)
2018-12-16 02:30
edited on: 2018-12-16 02:31

This is also necessary for MRAPs e.g. the M12xx family.
Even if it was possible to just allow the gunner to open their compass (as per the BTR family) that would be sufficient.

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