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0000394USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-03-07 04:462015-04-01 20:46
Assigned ToMistyRonin 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 x64
Product Version0.3.6 
Target Version0.3.7Fixed in Version0.3.7 
Summary0000394: AH-64D display errors
DescriptionArtificial horizon is inverted on the "L/R bank" axis which can confuse the pilot in his manoeuvers, also there isn't any heading tape on the top of the HUD which can be very annoying especially when you're running 9-lines/5-lines/CCA CAS that requires that kind of informations, and since you can't turn on the compass while airborn by pressing "k" it's not very pilot friendly.
Steps To ReproduceFly around in the AH-64D and observe your artificial horizon and HUD behaviours.
Tagsah64d, artificial horizon, hud, inverted
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MistyRonin (administrator)
2015-03-07 15:05

Sacha (reporter)
2015-03-08 03:46

I would like to add that there is no flares, nor chaffs available in the AH-64D. Tell me if you want another report ticket for this Misty.
MistyRonin (administrator)
2015-03-08 21:12

Yes, I'd really appreciate if you could create a new ticket for it. And specifying in which AH-64D that happen and under which conditions.

I've just done a fast test in the editor all of their flares work just fine. So more details would be appreciated :)
Sacha (reporter)
2015-03-10 01:09

Hello Misty ! Well, I did test it again, no flare at all regardless the type of AH-64D. I did turn off/on the AFM, changed the map on a clean mission, but nothing ! It might be a conflict between mods (even if I don't use any exotic mods, I do only use AGM/JSRS/AiA/ALiVE/ACRE2).

There's no problem at all with the flares of the A10A. There's something wrong there but I wonder what. Personnally it don't affect me so much since I use a more complex and realistic AH64D from another mod, so I'll just write this down and if someone else get the same issue, he'll/I'll create a new ticket.

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2015-04-01 20:46 reyhard Resolution open => fixed

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