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0003595USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-10-06 12:262017-10-06 18:30
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Summary0003595: All M249 PIP variants should not weigh the same
DescriptionIn-game, all variants of the M249 PIP weigh 16.28 lbs, regardless of barrel length, stock, or bipod, which makes no sense.

rhs_weap_m249 - 156.5
rhs_weap_m249_pip_l - 181.1
rhs_weap_m249_pip_l_para - 176.5
rhs_weap_m249_pip_l_vfg - 161.1
rhs_weap_m249_pip_s - 164.1
rhs_weap_m249_pip_s_para - 159.5
rhs_weap_m249_pip_s_vfg - 144.1
rhs_weap_m249_pip - 170.0

Lots of research done here:
The M249 model in-game is actually an FN Minimi, not an M249. With that in mind, modernfirearms.net (ref 1) cites the FN Minimi as weighing 15.65 lbs.

According to a study published by dtic.mil (ref 2) about M249 barrel weight reduction, the difference in weight between a standard barrel (seen in long variants) and a Mk 46 barrel (seen in short variants) is 1.7lbs [before their experimental weight reduction].

The M249 PIP (Short) is the main configuration of the PIP; according to globalsecurity.org (ref 3), it listed at 16.41 lbs.
The M249 PIP (Long) is the same variant, but with a long barrel installed. Add 1.7 lbs, and it will weigh 18.11 lbs.
The M249 (Short/Para) is the same as listed on the FN website (ref 4), listed at 15.95 lbs.
The M249 (Long/Para) is the same variant, but with a long barrel installed. Add 1.7 lbs, and it will weigh 17.65 lbs.

According to a forum post (ref 5) made by soldiers looking to reduce the weight of their weapon by removing the bipod and replacing it with a GripPod, removing the bipod "allows you to ditch 2lbs of crappy bipod weight."
The M249 (Short/VFG) is the same as the M249 PIP (Short), but with the bipod removed, so it should weigh 14.41 lbs.
The M249 (Long/VFG) is an M249 PIP (Short) with the above modifications (long barrel, no bipod), so it should weigh 16.11 lbs.

The M249 (Solid Stock) variant is the same as listed on the FN website (ref 6), listed at 17 lbs.
Steps To Reproduce1. While in-game, remove all gear, weapons, and clothing, so your inventory reads 0lbs.
2. With your inventory open, press 'U' to open Personal Arsenal. The inventory will stay open in the middle-ground.
3. Select any of the M249 PIP variants. The weight for all of them in the inventory is displayed as 16.28lbs.
Additional InformationRef 1: http://modernfirearms.net/machine/be/fn-minimi-e.html [^]
Ref 2: http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a434693.pdf [^] Page 7 of the pdf, first paragraph.
Ref 3: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/m249-specs.htm [^]
Ref 4: https://fnamerica.com/products/machine-guns/fn-m249-para/ [^]
Ref 5: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/69268-grippod/#entry672128 [^]
Ref 6: https://fnamerica.com/products/machine-guns/fn-m249-saw/ [^]
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Is it a wish/request?No
Arma 3 version1.76
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?Yes
Which mods?Personal Arsenal, ACE 3, CBA 3
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da12thMonkey (manager)
2017-10-06 15:04
edited on: 2017-10-06 15:34

Nominally yes, we should adjust the weight at some point but I think there's something off with your analysis and results.

The 16.5 lb M249 PIP talked about on globalsecurity is the original spec of the improved weapon with buffered solid stock, heat-shield, folding carry handle.

These additions saw the weapon's weight increase from the region of 15.16-15.30 when it had the original bufferless skeleton stock.

The addition of a railed feed cover increased weight to around the 17 lb mark quoted on FN's site, but the final unloaded weight with a metal tri-rail handguard as quoted by the USMC and PEO soldier, is in the region of 18-18.3 lbs
http://www.trngcmd.marines.mil/Portals/207/Docs/TBS/B3M4138%20M249%20Light%20Machine%20Gun.pdf?ver=2015-05-07-103752-850 [^] (P5)
http://www.peosoldier.army.mil/equipment/portfolio/index.asp#243 [^] (P244)

Also, the issued short barrel assy, is not based on the Mk.46 barrel. The Mk.46 bbl (even the modified one with inserts) has a thinner profile and a completely different gas block.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/peosoldier/4996580775 [^]
The issued short bbl weighs more than the Mk.46 bbl

The civilian semi-auto M249S and M249S PARA are sold with the same accessories, save for the shorter barrel and PARA stock on the latter. And here they quote a weight difference of only 1 lb
https://fnamerica.com/products/rifles/fn-m249s/ [^]
https://fnamerica.com/products/rifles/fn-m249s-para/ [^]

I can't find a quoted mass of the PARA stock and Solid stock to calculate the barrel weight difference, but evidently the final weight difference isn't that great on PIP versions of the M249 that have the buffer system, heat-shield, folding handle and all those other parts that originally added weight to the gun

The PEO Soldier page says the current version with improved bipod, short barrel, tri-rail and collapsible stock is 17.95 lbs. So only around 0.05 lb to 0.35 lb less than the heaviest configuration.

fragthecullen (reporter)
2017-10-06 16:40
edited on: 2017-10-06 17:31

You've got a point. The sources vary wildly as to the weights, and I suspect that FN's website may be part of the problem. I had the greatest trouble finding a reliable source of information regarding the barrel - the best I could do is to choose a few sources of information, and build math upon them. Quoting the DTIC study with the standard barrel and Mk 46 Barrel was tempting, but I realize now that their data is suspect, because it's from 2005. The new heavier short barrel probably did not exist at the time of the study.

I'm not sure I can accomodate the railed cover in the weight calculations - the M249 PIP (Solid Stock) comes with a standard feed tray cover, and switches to a railed feed tray cover when you choose an optic. Of note, though, is that the PARA model was supposed to have save weight having omitted the charging handle and STANAG magazine port, but this is not addressed with the in-game model - all variants use the same receiver. On a slightly related note, RHS allows you to choose 30 round magazines as your source of ammunition, but when you do, it still plays the full animation for reloading the belt. Not the best situation, but I'm not sure anyone cares, because nobody in real life is willing to trust their lives to the reliability of feeding from a magazine.

My next move would be to ask my friend, the small arms repairman, if he has both barrels and all three stocks, and if he would kindly weigh them for me.

His response: "So, if I'm any good judge in the hundreds of barrels I've picked up, the weight difference in the barrels is about a pound and a half, the bipod only weighs around 5 oz, and the stock lost about 2 ounces when it switched to the PIP. The Para stock I've only held a handful of times, and don't remember what it felt like, only that it was a piece of shit."
"Now that I think about it, a pound and a half of the barrel is a bit much. Realistically, more like 6 or 8 ounces."

da12thMonkey (manager)
2017-10-06 17:43

It's not possible to change magazine models and reload animations on guns in Arma 3 without completely replacing the weapon itself.
We have no plans to script this and make a dozen additional model files, just for the sake of adding a STANAG magazine model that are rarely used.

As for deleting the STANAG mag well on the PARA model. This was only done on the M249 SPW (short-lived special forces variant) and Mk.46 receivers.

M249 PARA still has a common receiver with the standard M249. Including the mag-well and charging handle. Some 2001-2003 era PARAs:
http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/army-soldiers-participate-in-urban-warfare-training-january-13-2003-picture-id1722633 [^]
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Defense.gov_News_Photo_041016-A-7306A-010.jpg [^]
Though not M249s, Minimi PARAs in other nations also still have the magazine well.
Some of the latest version of M249 have a skeletonised charging handle like Mk.46 however.

We have a former 101st Abn guy on staff who would tell us to use the Mk.46 receiver if it was necessary on the M249 PARA
fragthecullen (reporter)
2017-10-06 18:21
edited on: 2017-10-06 18:30

You've got great points. Regarding the magazine well, I wasn't requesting that you remodel the weapon or redo/add animations. The simplest solution is to remove the 30 round magazines from the config.bin, so they can't be selected from the arsenal for this weapon; it's not feasible or reasonable to ask you to support an alternate reload animation.

I've taken the direct route - I called FN technical support, and they'll get back to me about someone who can get me the information regarding the weights of the various parts reflected in the in-game selections. This space reserved for their responses.

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