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0002998USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-02-04 15:422017-02-05 08:32
Assigned Toreyhard 
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Summary0002998: rhsusf army machine gunners slow walk only with default loadout due to frag grenade
DescriptionUsing RHS 0.4.2 + A3 1.66 stable branch, the rhsusf_army_ucp_machinegunner and rhsusf_army_ocp_machinegunner have a M67 frag grenade in vest with default loadout, and can only slow-walk due to excessive load at mission start.

If the grenade is dropped by these units, they walk/jog at normal speed.

"Arb" variants of the machine gunners do not have the grenade, but have the same # of magazines by default, and they walk/jog at normal speed.

Steps To ReproducePlace units in editor, start mission, try to walk.
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Arma 3 version1.66
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
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OMAC (reporter)
2017-02-04 20:53

One of the magazines in the vest could perhaps be removed so that the grenade can be kept.... Currently the default loadout has 5 mags in vest and 8 in backpack.
reyhard (administrator)
2017-02-05 08:32

arma bug Fixed: Inventory weight of loaded magazines was doubled (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/?page=862#comment-3147196 [^] - UI still incorrect)
fixed on devbranch

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