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0000009: FGM-148 Javelin is somewhat useless at the moment.
Javelin is sort of... well, I presume WIP, so here are my notes:

Does little to no damage to some armor, where stock A3 PCML will blow the same vehicle, from same position with ease.

Missing top-down mode and realistic UI (compared to ACE2 Javelin from A2)

Poot 1x Man (you) with javelin
poot 1x evil russian armor at a distance (1km or so should do just fine)
shoot 1x missile against communist armor

*glorious soviet steel inpenetrable by puny imperialist weapons*

T72 proceeds to rape you with everything it has in its arsenal

(No offense, just desperatelly trying to be funny :c)
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has duplicate 0000046closed reyhard USAF Javelin damage is way too low and hits on side. 
related to 0000025closed RedPhoenix USAF javelin is not efficient to russian MBT 
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The low damage should be solved in the next version.

The top-down may take a bit longer, but our devs have been looking into it for some time.

Kiitos for the report.

2014-11-23 12:22   
You might want to ask the agm guys for help as they already implemented a top-down mode for the titan.