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0006867USAFGeneralpublic2023-10-19 17:062023-10-20 18:34
0006867: Window edges of certain armored US vehicles randomly let through bullets
M1151A1, M1165A1 GMV (SAG-2/M134D/M240), M1240, M1245 (CROWS/M2).
M1220, M1232 to lesser extent.

In the vehicles listed above (only tried those but assume it extends to the whole families), the areas where edges of the armored window glass meet the main armored tub are randomly vulnerable to bullets.
I've tested with an RHS M4A1 Block II with RHS Mk318 Mod 0 ammo loaded and when shooting at the described areas, there's a random chance to kill the vehicle occupants on first shot. Even if it takes a few more bullets it happens way before the actual glass visually breaks.

Expected behaviour is that no low caliber bullets should instantly penetrate the vehicle and hit the crew.

Currently getting ambushed in most of the above vehicles is a lottery as any small arms fire from the front or the side can kill the driver/crew at any time with no warning.
1. Place any RHS USAF unit with a rifle.
2. Place any of the vehicle families listed in the description with crew (easiest to repeat for me was M1245).
3. Start firing single shots at the described area/areas (example in attached picture.
4. At some point you will notice driver either dying or getting visibly/audibly hit with the window still in place and vehicle still in good condition.
This was tested on Arma 3 version 2.14 but we've noticed exact same behaviour before the latest update.

Only RHS USAF mod was loaded for testing.
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Updated to also include side windows (at least on the M1245) being susceptible to the bug.