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0006827: DSR-1 ammo is not completely accurate
The 3 different ammo that DSR-1 uses is :

- 338 Lapua(main round/strongest)
- .300 win magnum(stronger round than regular 7.61x51
- .300 Winchester(weaker)

 Here is where I got the information from : https://www.dsr-precision.com/leere-seite [^]

It's the original site for the original creators of the weapon.

Also I'd like to mention that T-5000 should do more damage as .338 Lapua is way stronger than .300 Win mag used by M2010 ! And currently T-5000 is being inferior in damage when it shouldn't.

 weapons spreadsheet :

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15aMgHLaf82euwx455wdVyjPHwko8tDf93RkpLejiQrE/edit#gid=882309096 [^]
Just add .338 Lapua magnum to the mission file for DSR1,and .300 Win magnum.
As you see in the file attached below,I've tried to get Samatra to fix it but the only ammo he can tweak is those two 7.62x51 m62,m118 and m62,with no option to add .338 lapua magnum.
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