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0006821USAFGeneralpublic2023-04-21 06:132023-04-21 21:32
0006821: Bradley IFV susceptible to M2HB
Hello, the Bradley seems to be weak to 50 cal shots from the Browning from what it seems to be the rear, top, and bottom(?). This happens at even at extreme ranges as I've tested in the editor.
Place any type of Bradley IFV along with an M2HB at differing ranges each time and different angles for the top, rear, and bottom.
Although I don't exactly know if this was intended for balance purposes, the Bradley's crew can very easily be killed by m2 ball from a Browning machine gun. This also seems to happen sometimes from the front too, but I decided not to include this as it seems to be very random, possibly by ricochet. It also looks like the armor on it is weaker than a Stryker's as the Stryker could withstand shots from the rear.
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are you using any other mods?
2023-04-21 18:37   
(edited on: 2023-04-21 21:32)
No, I was only using the rhs mods, the Browning was from RHS SAF (also tried using USAF too). I'd like to add that the arma 3 version is 2.12, I forgot to change that my bad.