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0006818USAFGeneralpublic2023-04-14 09:572023-04-14 09:57
0006818: Add event handler to CBPS tent deploy
A sort of "event handler" already exists for deployment of the deck on the M1085A1P2, but NOT for the deployment of the medical tent on the back. This is an issue as the tent must be deployed separately from the tent. For a mission I've been working on, I'd like to make deploying the tent itself (rather than just the deck) a prerequisite to a spawnpoint being created, but currently once the deck is deployed I need to run a costly waitUntil for the tent animation source to change as there's no guarantee that players will deploy the tent upon deploying the deck.

Ideally, it would be as simple as an alternative variable using the same current system, such as "rhs_eh_cbps_deploy" instead of "rhs_eh_fmtv_deploy" but any method you can think of for doing something similar would be fine as well.
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