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0006817USAFGeneralpublic2023-04-12 12:312023-04-12 12:36
0006817: USAF Uniforms and Gear is too bright for Arma engine on maps forest terrains
Uniforms: G3 M81 and G3 Ranger Green has bright boots and texture of the uniform could be dimmed.
Gear: MBAV, SPC, Plateframe is very bright as well, in comparisons to AFRF 6B45 it is easy to be spotted by naked eye. Darken them or make Ranger green repaint.
Eagle-A III backpack must have Ranger Green variant just like Falcon-II
Just look at how right Woodland texture on your vehicles looks (M1025 for example) it's dark, does not reflect much light, harder to be seen by naked eye.
Camouflage, gear, inventory, LOD, retexture, SPC, uniform, uniforms, usaf
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