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0006815: A-29 Super Tucano pilots are invincible after ejection
Half of the time when shooting down an A-29 Super Tucano assigned to the enemy team, a pilot (rhsgref_hidf_helipilot) will eject with Damage disabled. I have checked the mission file (KP Liberation mission base) to check that it doesn't erroneously add "allowDamage false" for this class. While searching for a cause, I noticed line 152 in "rhs_a29_seatEjection.sqf" in "rhsgref_c_a29.pbo/scripts" that may or may not be relevant.
1. Wait for a A-29 to spawn in
2. Shoot down the pilot with an Igla (haven't tried other rockets)
3. Wait for them to land after ejecting and parachuting
4. Check a pilot and, half of the time, damage will be disabled.
A similar bug was reported in 2017 in the KP Liberation Github but was inconclusive and offered no details as to what jet or pilot it was.

https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation/issues/218 [^]
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