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0006792AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-01-02 10:442023-01-02 10:44
0006792: T-90A model FireGeometry
I would like to point out this flaw in the armor of the T-90A tank, which has an extremely negative effect on its survivability in the game. The image shows a place on the FireGeometry, which, due to insufficient detail, is the weak point of the tank in the mod, although in reality the thickness of this section of the armor is much higher, which is indicated in another part of the image. Using data from open sources and geometric measurements, we can conclude that a particular armor plate of the turret forehead should be divided into several sections with different armor, otherwise the current FireGeometry element covers the entire area of ​​the turret forehead and has armor of about 650RHA in the mod, although this thickness is only directly close to the barrel, and moving away from the barrel, the armor increases and reaches 800 at the level of the ERA block. The turret armor is symmetrical.
P.S.: Also, the ERA block on the left side of the turret should be increased in size, since its coverage area is noticeably larger in reality.
I would like to see these edits in the new version of the mod
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jpg NrwvzyQGhz9nVoRGlbT3w5Vxt_wyXlbKtVzDloAuNzKtS-GR-D3wSQYnPoNMYJqP3gqy--GP3iKm7LUPE2JShckn.jpg (307,117) 2023-01-02 10:44
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