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0006778GREF[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-11-21 12:442022-11-21 12:44
0006778: Bug with rotation static weapons (SPG-9, AGS-30. Maybe something else)
I get into rhsgref_cdf_SPG9 without any weapons. The hint tells me "Press left/right move key to rotate static weapon". Yes, I can rotate the tripod with "A" "D" buttons. Next, I exit this static weapon and still rotate it with "A" and "D". Also, if I sit in another static weapon, then pressing the keys will rotate my first static weapon that I sat in. Everything becomes good when I take some kind of personal weapon in my hands - pistol, rifle or grenade launcher
1. Without a personal weapon, sit in any static weapon in which the hint says "Press left/right move key to rotate static weapon".
2. Get out of the weapon and press "A" or "D"
It happens in multiplayer too
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