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0006768AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-10-28 22:542022-10-30 02:50
0006768: BMD-2 causes major performance hit if units riding on middle right or middle left on top.
Having multiple BMD-2 vehicles with units on positions "middle right" and "middle left" causes a major performance hit. After having around 5 BMD-2 with units riding on top (middle right/middle left) you can start to see a huge hit in FPS, 10 the game becomes unplayable.

If you make all the troops dismount, the performance goes back to normal.

Also if you have the troops inside on internal cargo there is no performance drop.
- On Eden editor place 10+ BMD-2 vehicles (don't group them)
- Make sure each BMD-2 has 4 units riding on top (front left/right, and middle left/right)
- Give them a waypoint somewhere
- Start mission
- Note how there is a huge FPS drop
- Make all troops dismount and notice performance goes back to normal
- Try again but with units riding inside the vehicle and note performance is back to normal
My rig has no trouble with having 50+ vehicles simultaneously, but BMD-2 is the only vehicle that takes a massive hit on my FPS.
I have the suspicion there there's a memory leak somewhere, maybe the danger fsm file?
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2022-10-29 01:19   
After further testing I noticed this only happens if the middle left or middle right positions are occupied, very interesting. Could it be that the animations for those seats are bugged somehow?
2022-10-30 02:50   
I tried changing the animation through the config file to use something like "passenger_boat_4" but looks like the proxy itself is very low inside the vehicle, and the animation itself is off center pretty high up.