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0006765AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-10-17 19:162022-10-17 19:16
ACE3, compats
0006765: Simulating uncon units and locking positions
Hello, trying to get a handle on scenarios that 'lock positions' on a vehicle? i.e. unit sustains (ACE3?) damage, slips into uncon state. Vehicle positions appear to be locked? and/or how might we remove the uncon unit or what not in order to unlock those positions.
Dropped couple of OPFOR vehicles with units in them.
_x = this; _x setDamage 0.8; _x setUnconscious true; // via unit init
Not sure whether this is ACE3-friendly way of doing it, per se.
I am seeing several rhs_lockTop errors in the locks, presumably responding to the damage, but I cannot say; i.e.
12:55:41 File rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_bmp\scripts\rhs_lockTop.sqf..., line 19
12:55:41 Error in expression <hs_topPositionsLocked",true,true];

{_v lockCargo [_x-1,_p] }foreach _arr;>
12:55:41 Error position: <lockCargo [_x-1,_p] }foreach _arr;>
12:55:41 Error Type Number, expected Bool

Ultimately I am curious how to unload the units or whatever is required to 'unlock' the positions for unit entry, vehicle capture, etc.

Getting there, not sure if I am doing something correctly there or not, or should I rather be setting damage through ACE3 channels, and if so, how.

The vehicles (in close proximity) did not immediately target me or open fire, so probably doing 'something' correct there, but cannot say for sure.
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