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all lot over 50 mods but all of them compatible with RHS
0006750: T-72B (obr. 1984g.) does not get destroyed
So yes i tested a bit in the Editor and well the T-72B (obr. 1984g.) i shot it with 5 Titan Anti Tank Rockets it all of them Hit and only damaged the Gun i was ok strange well then i checked again in Zeus if damage is enabled it was after that i shot it with 3 RPGĀ“s all hit Turret destroyed well Red after that i put 12 times 2,5 lb TNT on it and detonated it and it destroyed only the tracks i was like WTF is going on. Then i shot it with 2 Javelin ANTI tank that destroyed all of my testing tanks in One shot well after 2 Shots with a javelin from the Top and the side it still was ok the gun, the tracks and the turret was Red but the Hull and the Engine was perfectly fine
i spawned the tank and shot at it
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try without 50 mods.