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0006714: All RHS Bipods/Grips Glitch Magazine Counts in Inventory
I think I have found a glitch where adding any RHS bipod or grip to a gun you are carrying while in the Arsenal will either move magazines around in your inventory undesirably, and/or delete 40mm grenades from your inventory after closing the Arsenal. I have confirmed this issue is local to RHSUSAF and not a mod conflict because the issue reproduces reliably when only RHSUSAF is loaded. I suspect this issue is present for the other RHS mods, but I haven't tested yet. I have only tested this issue when adding the grip to the gun via the arsenal; I do not know if it also occurs when picking up and attaching a grip from the ground. I was able to replicate the issue with a variety of different RHS and vanilla guns by adding various RHS bipods/grips, but I have not tested every single combination yet.
Open Arsenal > Equip any gun, any uniform, any plate carrier, and any backpack > Add a couple magazines to the carrier and a couple 40mm grenade rounds of different types to the backpack > Close the arsenal and check that the gear in your inventory is accurate to what you picked (it should be) > Re-Open the arsenal > Add any RHS bipod/grip to the gun > Close the arsenal and check the gear in your inventory. One of your magazines from the carrier will move to the uniform and one or more of the 40mm grenades from the backpack will be deleted. Attempting to move the magazine from the uniform back to the carrier will not stack with the other 4 magazines, meaning it's meta data has also changed. Please see the attached inventory example JPG image for proof.
I know a player's inventory is applied in a "top down" fashion in Arma 3, where it first applies the gun, then it's sight, then it's laser, then it's grip, etc. before it gets to the uniform, and then the carrier, and then the backpack. My guess is some error is occurring when it applies the grip, which in turn affects the application of what magazine to put in the clip/tube of the gun, which then also waterfalls down to affect the carrier and backpack inventories somehow (sort of like how older mods had items that extended the mine detector class, which meant if you also carried a real mine detector it wouldn't work if the real one was "lower" in the inventory than the modded item).
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