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0006705USAFGeneralpublic2022-07-31 23:462022-08-06 21:43
0006705: Armored Humvee damage model flaw
All armored Humvees get disabled after a few shots from any caliber the engine, hull, and turret get destroyed (100% damage)

this happened with any kind of ammo or caliber from any gun even vanilla
shoot anywhere of any of the armored humvees besides the ones with basic protection they don't seem to be affected at all by small arms
I was making a modpack when I noticed that the Humvees get disabled way too often so I checked it and any caliber got the engine hull and the turret with only a few shots I had other mods on

to make sure the problem was indeed with RHS I verified the files and loaded only RHS mods with Ace3 and the compats the problem still occurred

to pinpoint the problem I unloaded ACE and the compats and tried again with all possible calibers and it still got destroyed every time
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2022-08-01 09:35   
engines per se is not armored so I'm not sure what is the issue that you try to describe?
2022-08-02 21:39   
Well the armored humvees shouldn't be destroyed after 2 shots of 9mm to the door

It makes the hull red and makes you dismount

The cabin should be protected against anything below 7.62 including it
2022-08-06 21:43   
are you using any other mods beside ACE?