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0006603USAFGeneralpublic2022-01-26 21:582022-01-28 13:30
0006603: The Selected Barrel Art on the Abramas becomes random once scenario starts.
When selecting the barrel art number for the Abramas in the editor it switches to the correct barrel art, but once the scenario starts it becomes a random art though stays that way once you return to the editor and even when you start it again it will stay on the random barrel art. The barrel art also seems to default to the woodland variant.
Spawn any Abramas tank. Go to attributes Object Specifics and define the barrel art number. Start Scenario and it has not changed to a random barrel art.
This happens to every Abramas tank on every map.
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2022-01-26 21:58oliskoNew Issue
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2022-01-28 13:30   
Update. I have discovered the issue. The barrel art is not randomized the issue is that it only selects the woodland variant of the text. For an example number 9 for the desert is SADDAMIZER but when you start the game it turns into the woodland version of Honest Abe which is number 9 for the woodland variant. The issue is that the desert variant of the barrel art does not work.