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0006593AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-01-10 02:462022-01-10 02:46
0006593: HMG effectiveness against low armored vehicle
HMG's bullets penetrate and kill crewmen into vehicle but there are problems with damaging of this vehicle.

M2 against M113:
https://youtu.be/0eEiAvtJ7kg [^]

M2 and NSV against BMD-2:
https://youtu.be/fIoCaokG6UI [^]
https://youtu.be/jg_ME27vrMM [^]

M2 against BTR-80 on the front side:
https://youtu.be/WzizAEqPIuE [^]

M2 against BMP-2 from the side:
https://youtu.be/w-ALOlk869Y [^]

On all this videos i tried to hit engines of vehicles which are not protected from .50 and 12.7x108. Sometimes i have success when i shot from the same side as engine mounted (like shooting to the right side of M113) but mostly u can see that there are problems with engine damaging.

As i think all this vehicles (BTR, BMP (from the side and the back), M113, HMMWV, MRAPs) must be penetrable by MMGs (M240/PKM/PKP with AP rounds) in some cases and HMGs with effective damage at various part of vehicle.
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