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TU-95 Team 
0006575: Tweaks to make TU-95 more practical!
Hi there, the TU-95 is a brilliant model, but perhaps it can do with some more things to help it reach it's true potential. There are some practical issues with it:

- Wheel Break/Reverse Thrust - The plane is almost impossible to stop on normal runways as it won't slow down quick enough. Can a wheel break/drag parachute be added please? It would also help if it had a reverse option like the real plane.
- Please can you add a HUD to reflect modern variant?
- Illuminated Instrument Panel - at night it is hard to see instruments, other models have back lights that can be switched on/off - can it be done?
- Airbreak Light - Can you please add a light to show when this is on/off?
- ADDED 25/03/2023 -The firing of the missiles is currently done via the "Navigation Plotter" seat and this is inaccurate. Perhaps the controls could be moved to the "Weapons engineer" position.
- ADDED 25/03/2023 - Please could one of the seat positions have access to a camera to observe ground targets and confirm missile hits/misses?

We know it takes time, if you say "no we cannot" then we understand and thank you for your hard work all the same.

TU-95 Team
Fly the plane.
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TU-95 Team   
2023-03-25 14:40   
Hi I wonder if this will ever get a reply - or if this is the wrong place for suggestions - where can I put them please? Also requesting a Television Camera for one of the seats so that ground targets can be seen from the plane. Thanks.