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0006549: Gasoline tankers survivability.
Gasoline tankers like RHS_Ural_Fuel_MSV_01 not blow up by m2a3 M242 Bushmaster cannon with HEI-T ammo.
It takes 50-70 M919 APFSDS-T to blow up whole vehicle.
Other less caliber weapon also can't destroy this gasoline tanker.
Shoot at RHS_Ural_Fuel_MSV_01 tanker by m2a3 M242 Bushmaster cannon.
With HEI-T ammo you can't destroy it.
With M919 APFSDS-T it takes 50-70 rounds to destroy tanker.

It should be easier.
You can puncture a tire, damage engine, kill driver, but CAN'T blow up gasoline tanker with HEI-T.

B_G_VAN_01_fuel_F CAN be destroyed by m2a3 M242 Bushmaster, but also looks too protected.

Gasoline tanker has 5 mm sheet thickness. "Сталь 09Г2С, 5 мм" mean "Steel 'Type of steel', 5 mm"
https://tgavto.ru/catalog/benzovozy/benzovoz-ac-75-ural-4320-61e5-dlya-svetlyh-gsm [^]

7.62 x 51 mm cartridges can penetrate this tanker at close range in RL:
https://www.inetres.com/gp/military/infantry/rifle/762mm_ammo.html#:~:text=The%20penetration%20of%20the%207.62,usually%20200%20meters%20or%20less. [^]

Cartridge, 7.62mm, Armor Piercing, M61
Armor Penetration.
300 meters: 0.28 in (7 mm)
500 meters: 0.2 in (5 mm)
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