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0006545: Incorrect T-90A turret model (help offer)
Hello dear Red Hammer Studio! I really love Arma for realism, and especially RHS mods for their very high quality content. I also know in great detail the materiel of Russian tanks. The fact is that I noticed flaws in the 3D model of the T-90A tank:
1) The turret is made in the wrong proportions (too high and flat)
2) Due to the height of the turret, the ERA elements do not completely cover the area that they protect in real life.
3) Spotlights Shtora-1 are too small (possibly an illusion due to the proportions of the turret)
4) the frontal armor of the turret is flawed, it is uniform, but should gradually decrease on the way to the gun (due to the bending of the combined armor packages)
I would like to work on fixing the model if you can provide me with the original version of the model. I am a 3D modeller for the Broken Arrow project, so I have experience in tank modeling. It was there that I was given the task of correcting the T-90A model they have, and the problems of that model are similar to those of yours, so it would be convenient for me to help both them and you.
I am also ready to do additional work on 3D modeling if you need something.
https://ibb.co/t32s3QH [^]
https://ibb.co/3kGf998 [^]
https://ibb.co/cCDwyZT [^]
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Also, this 3D model has many other minor flaws.
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thanks a lot for the feedback. It is not surprising that there are inaccuracies as when it was made there was probably even less material about it then there is now. Actually the T90A turret at the time was made by me using photogrammetry of a 1:35 scale model (MENG) which was considered to be very accurate so I hoped that it would be better than usual. Im sure as a game developer you know we can never get ti 100% right. But its ok we can also live with it. I'm afraid that even if we give you the sources it might be a little moot as it would be hard to find someone interested in reintegration into the project as people tend to not like to touch old models and would rather build something new.I'm also one of those people, to be honest, yes inconsistencies are there but we can live it it and learn to make better things next.

As for your offer to maybe collaborate on something new, please by all means find me on Arma Discord (same nickname) and we can discuss.