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0006537: M433 HEDP, M441 HE, M397 HET kill radiuses
In RHS M433 HEDP has too low kill radius.
In RHS M441 HE, M397 HET have too high kill radiuses.
It grenades for M203 underbarrel launcher.
I shoot at the infantry on the ground and measure distance where man has been killed. See screenshot. Red circles represent where everyone has been killed, not just injured.
Why M433 HEDP should be better, but M441 HE, M397 HET should be worse?
Look at different sources, explosive weight and kill radiuses:
M433 HEDP,weight 230g, explosive weight 45g. Kill radius: 16 ft (5 m)
M441 HE, weight 230g, explosive weight 32g. Kill radius: 16 ft (5 m)
M397 HET, weight 230g, explosive weight 32g. Kill radius: 16 ft (5 m)
https://www.inetres.com/gp/military/infantry/grenade/40mm_ammo.html [^]
M433 HEDP has more explosive, but part of it goes to shaped charge.

For comparison with another 40mm and 30mm granades launchers:
M430 HEDP weight 350g, explosive weight 32g. Kill radius: 16 ft (5 m)
M384 HE weight 340g, explosive weight 54g. No info about kill radius. It should be 6-7m based on explosive weight. Note: part of explosive energy goes to the shaped charge.
http://modernfirearms.net/en/grenade-launchers/u-s-a-grenade-launchers/mk-19-eng/ [^]
M384 Article 6-10
M430 Article 6-13
https://www.militarynewbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/TM-43-0001-28-Army-Data-Sheets-Guns-Howizers-Mortars-Rifles-Gren-Launchers-Arty-Fuzes.pdf [^]

VOG-30, weight 350g, explosive weight 40g. Kill radius (6-7m)
VOG-17, weight 350g, explosive weight 36g. Kill radius (6m)
https://war-time.ru/item/vog-17-vus-17-vog-30-gpd-30 [^] (Радиус поражения 6(м)) Масса взрывчатки (кг) 0,04: [Defeat radius 6(м)) explosive weight (кг) 0,04]
ВОГ-17/30 lethal damage / kill zone radius of about 7-9 meters
https://modernfirearms.net/en/grenade-launchers/russia-grenade-launchers/ags-17-eng/ [^]
ВОГ-17/30 Радиус поражения (м) 6 [Defeat radius]
https://war-time.ru/item/vog-17-vus-17-vog-30-gpd-30 [^]

VOG-25, weight 255g, explosive weight 48g. Kill radius (7 m)
VOG-25P, weight 255g, explosive weight 48g. Kill radius (7 m)
https://war-time.ru/item/vystrel-vog-25 [^] (Масса ВВ разрывного разряда)(Радиус сплошного поражения убойными осколками до, м ... 7)
http://roe.ru/pdfs/pdf_4596.pdf [^] VOG-25P explosive weight 37g. Lethal radius, m: 6
ВОГ-25 Effective damage range of blast/fragments is about 5 meters
https://modernfirearms.net/en/grenade-launchers/russia-grenade-launchers/gp-25-i-gp-30-eng/ [^]
ВОГ-25 Радиус сплошного поражения убойными осколками до, м 7
https://war-time.ru/item/vystrel-vog-25 [^]

1) Different sources has data like 15m radius. It mean incapacitation radius or casualty radius. It radius when shrapnel can injure if hit, but not kill everyone.
2) Kill radius in different sources measured by different methods. So the data is slightly different.
3) VOG-30 has less calibre, but contains a lot of explosives because of long cartridge.
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