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0006510: M2 browing .50 machine gun ammo is incorrect
The M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun model is shown to be loaded with .50 API shown by the silver tip. The ammo that comes standard for the M2 in RHS is M2 ball. According to US ordinance's (current producer/provider of the M2HB and M2A2 HMG since 1997 able to be found and USord.com) standard operating manual for the M2HB, the standard combat loadout it 4 API followed by 1 APIT or 4 SLAP followed by 1 SLAPT. Now obviously SLAP is already in the game and it would be stupid to use anything but SLAP if you spawned with it so API is probably a better choice to put as the standard spawn loadout. but API is not the standard loadout despite being in the model. Perhaps API/APIT could be added to match the model? Currently the ammo the M2 spawns with is the standard training loadout but should be swapped to be the combat loadout instead. Also the model is all API but has no tracers in the belt.
Spawn any vehicle armed with the m2 and enter it
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