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0006474: Low AKM bullet velocity
AKM and AK-103 (more modern variant of AKM) have too low bullet velocity at long ranges.
In RHS at 500 m it has 315 m/s. In shooting tables 334 m/s. Not great difference.
In RHS at 1000 m it has 137 m/s. In shooting tables 235 m/s. Almost half of the velocity.
1) Load AKM rhs_weap_akm with 57-N-231 bullet.
2) Shoot from AKM.
3) Measure bullet speed at 1000 m.
4) Note, it has only 137 m/s velocity instead of 235 m/s.
Attached file has translated sheets 30-31 from shooting tables.
Desired pages located at page 17 on djvu reader.
https://ru.djvu.online/file/SSszG3xwcRACe [^]

I think bullet with steel core in that shooting tables mean 57-N-231. Because shooting tables origin is 1977 and more modern ammunition not available at that time. Nevertheless all 7.62x39 bullets in RHS, except subsonic one, has the same velocity.
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