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0006381: Ka-52 Autohover Rotor Mast trim is reversed
when you toggle Auto Hover on the KA-52, the mast becomes a trim device to keep the helicopter level, however, once autohover is disengaged, the trim is reversed. Forward Cyclic Trim by means of the mast pitched forwards results in backwards movement of the helicopter, and vice versa for Back Cyclic Mast Trim results in forwards movement. Video Evidence included.

This only occurs when Cyclic input is executed with Auto Hover engaged and you visibly see the mast trim the cyclic movement.
bring the Ka-52 to level hover with or without Auto Hover engaged, once zero movement is achieved ( Perfect Hover ) if Auto Hover is not engaged, engage it. force movement by adding cyclic to the rear and/or to the front. the entire rotor mast will trim to counter the movement. move the mast to its forward-most or rear-most position and disengage the Auto Hover. the KA-52 will automatically move in the wrong direction of the Mast Trim position.

Forward Mast Trim = backwards movement
Back Mast Trim = forwards movement
Video Recording here:

https://youtu.be/g49YWve8Tps [^]
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x2 apologies on the multiple submissions of the same ticket
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Upon tinkering with this discovery, if the mast is full back trimmed, it gives the KA-25 a nearly 100-135 KPH Max speed boost in forward flight, level at max collective.

its also a nearly 100 KPH Speed drop for Mast forward, huge speed management and nose down for guns trim tool.
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This affects ALL rhs helicopters btw.