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0006377AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-06-05 16:252021-06-06 13:14
0006377: FAB-250s explosion makes vehicles fly away
A lot of the times fab-250 can make vehicles and tanks fly 10m or so into the air without blowing them up. This seems to affect all the russian bombs aswell as GBU-12s but does not happen with Mk-82s.

I think it could be related to the "explosionforcecoef": 10 which is 10 on all those bombs but only "explosionforcecoef": 1 on Mk82. Maybe lowering it could make the bombs stop throwing vics into the air :D
I can't really reproduce it very well in the editor but it happens frequently in multiplayer(RHS KOTH).
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2021-06-05 21:07   
Tanks are flying away? I made it this way so smaller vehicles (cars, bikes, etc) & characters are thrown away by blast - I wasn't able reproduce it in SP so I guess it could be some typical Arma 3 physics quirkiness
2021-06-05 22:36   
Yes mostly Abrams and Bradley because they are usually not blown up in a single bomb hit so can be flung high into the air by direct bomb hits.
2021-06-05 22:39   
can you provide some video? It could be also due to M1 engine startup script

2021-06-06 12:53   
This is in multiplayer with player in abrams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZf2Eg9N9xI.Not [^] a huge flight but sometimes its more extreme. Engine of abrams is off. I will try another one with engine on.
2021-06-06 13:01   
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgL0XFlplpY [^] This one is with engine on so I am not sure it is related to engine script. It also does not happen with rhs mk82 bombs which have less force coef .
2021-06-06 13:04   
Here is one flying higher. https://youtu.be/-GSjpLd82A0 [^]
2021-06-06 13:14   
And same setup but with mk82. Here there is no movement at all. https://youtu.be/lknONgVsrR0 [^]