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0006375AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-06-05 01:552021-06-05 01:55
0006375: T-15 Бумеранг-БМ Kornet-EM launcher only accessible by the commander once properties have been accessed once
No matter what you setup in the pylon settings, the Kornet-EM is only accessible by the commander to use once you have accessed the properties of the vehicle one (double click).

Placed an empty T-15 on the map, pylons said the gunner would be in charge of the Kornet-EM and clicked OK.

After loading the mission the Kornet was only accessible trough the commander seat.
1.) Open 3DEN
2.) Place T-15 Armata
3.) Double-click and open properties
4.) Click OK
5.) Load into mission
It seems like no matter what you select in the pylons. Once you saved the dialog it will always pick the commander as owner.

If you place a T-15 without accessing the properties, it works fine.
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