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0006353AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-05-14 19:342021-05-16 00:35
Spooky Lynx 
Several Firewill's plane addons and Lennard's Cold war aircrafts, also RHS USAF, GREF, SAF and CBA.
0006353: Decals system does not work properly on several AFRF armored vehicles when used from the "Attributes" menu of the editor
The decals are not displayed properly on several AFRF vehicles such as T-72s, BMP-1/2, 2S1. For example when I try to set some symbol on the right side of the BMP-2's turret, the only symbol displayed is [1,0] (white bat). The 3-digit numbers on the 2S1's turret sides are undeletable. Some types of the emblems are unchangeable no matter what I choose in the menu. For example, "honor"-type emblems on T-72s, "platoon"-type emblems on BMP-2Ds and so on.
I type the symbol's numbers in [x,y] format as displayed on the RHS site's page.
1) Place T-72B (either obr.1984 or obr. 1985)
2) Choose any type of the symbol rather than "honor" in the "honor" section
Noticed on two or three AFRF versions (all are/were stable) including latest one.
Also when I try to use "army" type symbol on the "honor" section of the T-72Bs, an error message occurs (screenshot attached).
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