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0006184USAFGeneralpublic2021-02-27 05:422021-02-27 23:50
0006184: M115A1 sling loadable+
M115A1 weights 3,697 kg according to: https://www.armyrecognition.com/humvee_hmmwv_variants_light_tacticale_vehicle/m1151_m1151a1_humvee_expanded_capacity_armament_carrier_armour_technical_data_sheet_specifications_i.html [^]

Yet the only aircraft in game that can lift it is the CH47 Chinook. Which has a rough external Carry Capacity[Cap] of 10,000 kg~. Almost able to carry 3 M115A1s.
However, the M115A1s should be liftable by both the AW101 Merlin [5,520 kg] and the UH60M Blackhawk [4,100 kg]. If the source is correct.

Overall this would greatly increase the versatility for my Unit and others like it, being able to move M115A1s around the battlefield easier without having to use the Chinook for, what is essentially, a car.
Spawn M115A1, Spawn Merlin, Ctrl+B and see no indicator to lift.

Spawn M115A1, Spawn Blackhawk, Ctrl+B and see no indicator to lift.

Spawn M115A1, Spawn Chinook, Ctrl+B and see indicator to lift.
Of course this could have nothing to do with your mod and everything to do with how stinky ARMA 3 is, so if it's not possible, it's not possible. But it would be great to have and everyone in my Unit would greatly appreciate it.
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according to our sources UH60M is capable to lift only 3000kg. Not sure about Merlin - you could ask author of that mod.
2021-02-27 09:50   
ah nevermind, 3400kg limit applies to armed variant - unarmed one is able to lift 4084kg.
Unarmed M1151 variants are also using gross weight, instead of curb one, which inflates their weight
2021-02-27 17:34   
All our M1151s are fitted with FK5/FK7 "frag kit" additional armour, which weighs a lot more than the baseline M1151, A Kit or B kit.
M1151 with the B1 armor kit is around 10,430 lb. (4,731 kg) so already a lot more than 3,400kg

FRAG 5 is about another 760lb, (in total it weighs 2000lb, but some elements replace others so net increase in weight is only ~760lb), then you have the weight of the comms, BFT, ECM, weapon station plus turret and the whole vehicle ends up weighing a lot more than 3400kg
2021-02-27 23:50   
Aahh I see! I understand the armed variants will weigh more than the unarmed so thats understandable. But there's more too it that I didn't know. Scratch request then.

Thanks for answering, RHS is the best mod in ARMA and we really appreciate your work.