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0006159: Mi-24G Yaw has Roll Tendency that should not be present when Hovering and executing yaw
When Hovering the MI-24G, any yaw input results in a roll input in that direction that should not be there. Helicopters should not have the amount of roll input when in zero speed hovering and executing a hover turn. minimal effort is needed on the cyclic stick to keep the aircraft from drifting away from its hover point.

the Mi-24 immediately rolls left if a hover turn is performed, vise versa on a right yaw, it rolls to the right.

none of the other helicopters within the RHS Project have this issue, whether it be AFRF, GREF, USAF or even ARMA Default Helicopters in either Simple or Advanced Flight Models.
bring Mi-24 to a near or perfect hover and execute a hover turn with full rudder input only. Left yaw introduces a moderate left roll forcing unnecessary correction, right yaw introduces right roll forcing same correction.
Helicopters have a significant ability to perform a hover turn with minimal Cyclic stick input to correct the aircraft's pitch/roll attitude while in a hover. the MI-24G seems to have a significant error in the rotor dynamics that no other aircraft has when executing a hover turn. ARMA does not simulate the power drop or RPM drop as a IRL helicopter( typically for piston powered helicopters this is a issue. if it's a FADEC Turbine or common turbine power plant as they self regulate their engine and Rotor RPM's with minimal throttle input ) does, but this roll effect on the MI-24G is greatly exaggerated and is nearly impossible to execute a hover turn without moderate correction to aircraft attitude.

Flight Characteristics should be tweaked to match that of the Mi-24V, MI-24P all the remaining MI-24's as they are correct when executing a Hover Turn, minimal Cyclic input is required to maintain them level while hover turning.

Additionally, I have nearly 8000 Hours logged in civilian helicopters flying SAR/HEMS flights in the US. This was something I immediately noticed, as the server I play in, recently added the MI-24G to its list of aircraft.
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Video evidence here: https://youtu.be/w0ZphEEGoz4 [^]

ARMA is used with X-56 HOTAS Flight Controls, so i know its pure Yaw input being commanded.
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just curious about any progress on this? i really like the MI-24G, but its annoying with this roll tendency on a hover turn.