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0006152AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-02-04 19:492021-05-04 21:37
0006152: 2b14 smoke rounds separate too early/don't separate at all
It seems that 2b14's proximity fuze is armed right after the shell leaves the barrel. So if you have some objects near or directly in front of you, the shell separates in front of your face and sends the smoke all over the map, mostly missing your target.

By the way, from the mortar's manual there is no proximity fuze on podnos, the shell should explode with a cloud of smoke on impact.
"При разрыве дымовой мины получался плотное облако дыма белого цвета высотой до 15–20 м и шириной до 20–25 м (при умеренном ветре). Кусочки горящего фосфора разлетаются на расстояние до 10 м по фронту и до 15 м в глубину." (from https://coollib.com/b/372070/read [^])

Secondly, the proximity fuze sometimes doesn't arm at all, so the shell goes into the ground and doesn't release any smoke. I couldn't reliably reproduce this but it seems that it happens when the target is higher than you.

P.S. I will add this here not to create a new report. The maximum range for this mortar is 4000m (http://www.fa.ru/org/chair/voen/Documents/ObrazDoc/Управление%20огнем%20взвода%2082-мм%20миномет.pdf [^]) or 3922m from wikipedia. Nowhere near 4539m it is ingame.
Place a 2b14 near some forest, aim the barrel towards some trees, fire.
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I reread my report and saw that you can still think that that quote may imply some proximity fuze. Just to clarify, both possible smoke shells used by 2b14 (Д-832 ДУ and Д-832 А, in rhs it is the former) use M6 fuze, which is point detonate only.
Взрыватель М-6 предназначается для комплектации мин и служит для обеспечения разрыва мины при встрече ее с целью. (https://studfile.net/preview/5917201/page:35/ [^])