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0006066AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-12-16 02:002020-12-16 15:12
noneminorhave not tried
0006066: Pop out smoke on russian and blufor tanks is not rendered at a distance
The Pop out some is almost never rendered at longer range in multiplayer. This is even the case if you are full zoomed in a tank gun or helicopter camera. The vannila smoke does not have this problem on vannila vics.
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Can you post some pictures or videos showing that issue? What Particle Effects settings are you using in Video Options? What distance are we talking about? Can you provide .rpt
2020-12-16 12:15   
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From a quick test in Editor VR: If the (M1A2 at least but I'd assume all vehicles with rhsusf_weap_M250) is past either the overall or object distance, the smoke is deployed but doesn't produce a sound or smokescreen.

It seems like with base game vehicles the smoke is deployed when the vehicle enters your view distance, at least in this circumstance. I have a server that I will try to test it on too.

 New video showing most RHS smoke launchers:
  https://youtu.be/ZzCE4FXG3CY [^]

Edit 2: Works the same on servers

 [c, "rhsusf_weap_M250"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //M1A2
 [d, "SmokeLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //M2A4
 [e, "SmokeLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //T-140K
 [f, "rhsusf_weap_M6"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //M1134
 [g, "rhs_weap_902a"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //T-72B obr. 1985g
 [h, "rhsusf_weap_M259"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //M113A3
 [i, "rhsusf_weap_M257"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //M1A1FEP
 [j, "rhsusf_weap_M257_8"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //M1117 ASV
 [k, "rhs_weap_902b"] call BIS_fnc_fire; //T-90 Obr. 1992g

https://youtu.be/hMh-_sTOiW4 [^]

2020-12-16 15:12   
Yea i think it could be what Lukegotjellyfish. On top of the the rhs smoke seems to fade extremly quickly like its mostly gone after 15 seconds.