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0006037GREF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-11-21 02:082020-11-22 12:12
0006037: GREF and SAF handle folded weapon classnames differently from AFRF
I have noticed that AFRF has different classnames for a weapon when the stock is folded and that GREF and SAF do not. Could also be a USAF thing as well but I do not use those often. From a missionmaking and loadout point of view it would be handy for the GREF and SAF weapons that have folding stocks to have accessible classnames for the folded versions like the AFRF weapons.
Launch will all RHS mods.
Create a simple mission in editor with a regular or ACE Arsenal on a box etc.
Pull out a AFRF AK from Arsenal.
Fold the stock and go back into Arsenal and see usually "ak_variant"_folded as the classname.
Pull out GREF or SAF foldable weapon.
Fold the stock and go back into Arsenal and see the same classname as it was before folded. I.e. "rhs_g36c"
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