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0005954: Vests armor config
During serfing configs of various blufor and opfor vest i found something interesting and unexplainable for me, so i decided to ask some questions here:)

IOTV has armor = 28 for Abdomen same on Chest and Diaphragm, but 6B43 has Abdomen armor = 22 while Chest and Diaphragm armor = 28. Same situation is with 6B13, but 6B5 Abdomen armor = 25 same on Chest and Diaphragm.

Is it some kind of mistake or you tried to simulate size of armor plate? As i know ESAPI has +- same size as GRANIT.

Second question is about armor = "28 + 3". It is simulation of additional armor by pouches with magazines, if i rightly understand?
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6b43 seems to be copy paste error indeed. Not sure about 6B13 though
2020-10-24 10:47   
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So normally it must be same value for chest, diaphragm and abdomen?

What about "28" and "28+3" values? I just want to configure other mods vests in my modpack in same way as rhs armor levels for better compatibility.

2020-10-24 13:29   
yes, it's additional armor which tries to simulate magazines on chest
https://imgur.com/a/Q9a214u [^]
When you unpack addon, there should be rhs_vest.hpp file - there you can take a look at macros

"chest, diaphragm and abdomen" well, it depends on vest and how armor/platesare placed