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0005897SAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-09-23 17:332021-08-01 09:12
0005897: Issue with folding stocks and mounted vertical grips
Most weapons with foldable stocks can't do it when the grip is attached.
1- Pick a weapon with a folding stock and a vertical grip attachment
2- Try to fold the stock
3- Remove the grip
4- Try to fold the stock
5- Mount the grip back
6- Try to unfold the stock
It works if the player model isn't holding the grip as sometimes
happens when you are switching weapons in the arsenal screen,
or if the grip if of the AFG style. I guess it's an animation issue.

It also works with the AS VAL and AK74MR if you remove the grip before each weapon interaction.

The AK-103(Zenitco) and some SCARs auto unfolds the stock if the grip is attached, but then the stock gets stuck and is unfoldable afterwards.
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2020-10-05 04:38   
Does this happen in Virtual Arsenal, have you tried it in editor or on live server?

Virtual Arsenal isnt a good place to test these things as its heavily scripted and may prevent some of our scripts from working as intended

Please try outside of it and provide feedback, with no other third party mods involved.
2020-10-06 02:33   
Created a mission in editor with only the base RHS mods.

Defined loadout before start of mission.

The same issues applied.