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0005772GREF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-06-26 22:382020-07-26 16:14
0005772: UH-1H NPC Pilots will kick out 1 passanger from fully loaded helicopter
UH-1H NPC Pilots that spawn in the air will land and kick out one passanger when fully loaded. Then they will lift off and complete tasks if there are any.
Place UH-1H Helicopter in the air and load it fully with passengers in the Eden Editor. Test play the mission and watch the helicopter land and unload one passenger, then lift off again.
If the helicopter is on the ground without passangers, every person can enter the helicopter.
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related to 0005713resolved reyhard USAF M1126 is not able to carry 1 + 8 Men in the back 
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2020-07-26 16:14   
Fixed it - keep in mind that you will have to put in group again in editor to feel that fix. Previously created missions will still have that weird behavior.