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0005685USAFGeneralpublic2020-05-13 22:132020-05-14 14:40
Mr Mack 
nonemajorhave not tried
All RHS including RHS map
0005685: AI TOW units don't shoot targets in non heat
AI TOW units(ranging from M41A4 to Bradley) denied to shoot a target even their engines or cannons are not heat up

The TOW is wire and it's not fire-forgot weapons
Place down any map
Place down a Tank and make sure set fuel and Ammunition to 0
Place all from small M41A4 to Bradley
Watch AI they don't shoot their TOW at target even they not heat up
https://youtu.be/g1Mo7ai7kes [^]
If you shoot or turn on the engines they work fine only they can't not shoot if they are non heat up or shoot their cannons

Russia 9P148 works fine in both non heat and heat targets since it's also a wire anti-tank missiles like american counterpart
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well, seems there is no way around it and USAF AI will use same targeting hack as AFRF missiles. That means, missile will follow target even after gunner is dead. Vanilla manual guidance seems to be quite broken for AI