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0005635USAFGeneralpublic2020-05-01 10:142020-05-01 22:16
0005635: Apache gunner laser turns on automatically
My buddy and I were trying to figure out how all the missiles work and kept running into this problem. A target is laser designated by a third party. Gunner fires a LOAL missile to hit the target, but the Apache laser turns on instantly, causing missiles to not know which laser to follow.
Happens pretty consistently, most of the time when the gunner fires a missile the Apache laser designator turns on automatically, making teamwork more difficult. Does not seem to happen every time but I can't root out the exact circumstances, but it turns on more often than not it seems.
https://youtu.be/A0rHL7nuARo [^]

Maybe this is purposeful, I'm not sure. I feel like if I want to use the Apache designator, I will turn it on. If I don't want it on, I don't want it to turn on when a missile is fired. A workaround seems to be that when the missile is fired and it switches the laser on, to turn it off IMMEDIATELY. I then get consistant results, but your gunner has to realize it happened and correct it almost instantaneously.
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2020-05-01 11:09   
Your buddy is on pilot seat, right?
2020-05-01 11:16   
in the video yes, we swapped seats and it happened to both of us
2020-05-01 17:28   
There was some wrong locality check for LOAL LO & HI which detected gunner as AI. In this case, laser is auto engaged so I guess that was the culprit. Tried it quickly on local server and it seems to work after small fix
2020-05-01 22:16   
Cool man, thanks! I appreciate all the hard work you guys do