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0005592SAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-04-12 09:562020-04-12 14:32
0005592: Certain SAF units are immovable and undeletable in zeus
Certain units in SAF (for now I've confirmed this for all the opfor paratroopers and the officer and scar-H marksman of the greenfor paratroopers) are immovable and undeletable in zeus. While you can move other units without any issues.
1: Open the editor, plop down a playable unit and assign zeus to him
2: hit play
3: enter zeus and run the following example code:

private _grp1 = createGroup east;
private _u1 = _grp1 createUnit ["rhssaf_army_o_m10_para_ft_lead", [0,0], [], 0, "NONE"];

private _grp2 = createGroup resistance;
private _u2 = _grp2 createUnit ["rhssaf_army_m10_para_ft_lead", [10,0], [], 0, "NONE"];

{_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[_u1, _u2],true]} forEach allCurators;

4: try to move both units. The greenfor one will move without any issues, the opfor one will not move. Nor can you delete him. This is the case for all opfor paratroopers (so all the ones with _o_ in their name)
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