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0005588AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-04-10 13:462021-06-11 21:28
0005588: Неверное изменение кратности у прицела 1Г46 (и других) Incorrect change in the magnitude of the sight 1G46 (and others)
При изменении кратности у прицела 1Г46 прицельная сетка остается того же размера. Это сильно затрудняет использование прицела, в частности дальномерной шкалы и шкалы поправок.(Также следовало бы ввести побольше вариантов кратности, ведь в реальности у 1Г46 ПЛАВНОЕ изменение кратности, 2.7х-12х)
When changing the magnitude of the sight 1G46 reticle the same size remains. This greatly complicates the use of the sight, in particular the rangefinder scale and the correction scale. (It would also be better to introduce more options for multiplicity, because in reality the 1G46 has a smooth change in magnification, 2.7x-12x)
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2020-04-10 13:48   
It's known issue but due to tricky nature of scaling animated UI, it's very low priority.
2020-04-10 14:31   
Ну хотя бы просто изменить размер сетки прицела при увеличении кратности на максимум - это же не слишком сложно. Ну, и добавить анимацию сползания шкалы вниз по сетке.Решение этой проблемы довольно важно и влияет на удобство игры у многих пользователей.
2020-04-10 15:23   
Well, it's not as simple as you describe it. I'm sorry but there are way more important things than that
2020-04-10 18:09   
А, да, я нашел похожий вопрос годовой давности. Тогда Вы ответили, что вы об этом думали, но у вас не хватает времени. Я очень ожидаю в игре это нововведение.
2020-08-30 22:59   
I don't know how but the CUP team managed to do it in their mod. They have many first focal plane scopes with continuous magnification variation. It might be worth a quick look to see how feasible their approach is.
2020-08-31 06:34   
It's not technically impossible since ie Btr80a is already using it. It's more pain in the ass to configure it so range finder and range markings are matching zoom level
2021-06-11 21:28   
Added reticle scaling. As for smooth transitions between zoom there are 2 things:
* Only some of the 1G46 variants had smooth zoom levels - in all others you have lever on the left side of the sight which is toggled between two modes. It seems Ukrainian made 1G46 had that smooth zoom
https://sun9-51.userapi.com/impf/A1L5j2S1ZcudYWGwi6v7iKQXpMqnkqB42XJdyQ/l5ZEz1uputU.jpg?size=818x808&quality=96&sign=79fd99d43d0f547751041cea57d2e2bb&type=album [^] variant with smooth zoom
https://sun9-10.userapi.com/impf/hGo0mIuzL-ieQdtSd3ntKvZH7m_KQxlk1dAVnQ/IyDg2z6h4uU.jpg?size=900x675&quality=96&sign=f34cc6cd48afc4b70660fdd77d8e1c32&type=album [^] variant without smooth zoom (more common)
* It's impossible to do it in Arma with multiple optic modes - only thing I could do is add few more modes between 2.7 & 12x zoom